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The long history and tradition of our business goes back in 1919 when Konstantinos Christodoulou, our grandfather, first worked successfully in the craft of wainwright

Then, Stavros Christodoulou, one of his sons, carried on the business dealing with the iron treatment and the evolution of the existing techniques.

Then, Kostas Christodoulou modernized the machine shop, adopting new techniques and occupations. He worked with enthusiasm and respect resulting in quality and guarantee in the manufacture of the machines.

Since the seat of the business is an agricultural area as a consequence the company was introduced in the field of agricultural machines.

Since 1982, after the flourish of the asparagus cultivation in this area, our company specialized in the machines of this type of cultivation. The result was that by right work, scrupulous study and top quality manufacture today we cover not only the demands of Greece but we expanded also in the markets of Germany and Spain .

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